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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Food Security Resources

Local Food Assistance Resources

Search by zip code to find food banks near you where you can get immediate help accessing nutritious food.

SNAP logo

The Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program is designed to help individuals and families afford the nutritious foods they need to thrive. In Kentucky, you can apply for monthly SNAP benefits through the KYnect portal online or in person. Learn more and apply with the link below.

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WIC logo

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children provides supplemental foods and nutrition education for women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are determined to be at nutritional risk. Apply through the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

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Emergency food assistance program logo

The Emergency Food Assistance program is designed to provide immediate help to families in need. TEFAP provides funding for local agencies to purchase foods to help supplement the diet of low-income Americans. Learn more by contacting the KY Department of Agriculture with the link below.

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Commodity supplemental food program logo

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program provides monthly food packages to low-income seniors. The food boxes are designed to provide a range of nutritious foods for a well-balanced diet as well as nutrition education. Contact the KY Department of Agriculture for more details.

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Tips for Growing Your Skills

Getting Started

Before you can fully embrace a food as health approach to managing your diet-sensitive chronic disease, you have to start with the basics. Visit this page to find dozens of resources to help you begin.

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hands chopping a fresh carrot


Stretching Your Food Dollars

Affording nutritious food can be challenging. The handouts below contain some tips and tricks to make the most of your food budget and prevent food waste.

Nutrition Bites

These short posts contain details on a variety of topics related to nutrition and chronic disease. Each one also has a simple handout to break down the info even further.

MIND Diet Handout

Learn more about the MIND Diet, designed to prevent the development of cognitive disease like dementia and Alzheimer's as you age.

Get the details

Image of page 1 of dietary fiber handout

Explore the important relationship between eating foods that are high in fiber and the management of type 2 diabetes through slowed digestion.

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Image of page 1 of types of fat handout

Learn more about the different types of fat in your diet, where they come from, and how to make healthier choices for managing heart disease.

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Culinary Medicine

A variety of clinical conditions can be positively impacted through diet. These resources and recipes can help you manage certain illnesses with nutrition.

picture of handout about addiction

Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

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picture of handout about GERD

Nutrition for Acid Reflux

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first page of IBD handout

Nutrition for IBD

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