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Education and Training

Education and Training

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Review the resources available for healthcare providers to learn more about screening and referral for food insecurity

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Review the many resources available to patients experiencing food insecurity both in Kentucky and nationwide

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Training Future Providers on Food as Medicine


The Alliance is proud to present training materials for future healthcare providers in partnership with Dr. April Hatcher in the UK College of Medicine. These presentations were used in a series of workshops for medical students as we recognize the importance of training medical professionals on the impacts of nutrition. Download the presentations for free below!

Further Your Education

Online Certificate in Applied Nutrition & Culinary Medicine

Calling All Health Professionals

In collaboration with the College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences, we offer a Graduate Certificate in Applied Nutrition and Culinary Medicine. This 100 percent online, 12-credit program explores nutritional approaches to various disease states and practical culinary strategies to bridge dietary recommendations with application. Elective courses allow students to tailor their graduate certificate to the needs of their practice or discipline, while also presenting the latest research concerning drug and nutrient interactions, approaches to community program development, and the physiologic basis for (or against) various dietary supplements. 

100% Online

Discover evidence-based strategies to address your patients' and clients' specific nutrition needs as well as their toughest questions. Connect with nutrition educators at the University of Kentucky to learn about nutritional approaches and practical culinary strategies to promote health. This graduate certificate is designed for all health professionals.

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Woman cooking while looking at laptop

DHN593: Introduction to Culinary Medicine

This course will introduce students to the field of culinary medicine, which involves using both evidence-based nutrition, medical knowledge, and culinary skills to assist healthcare providers and nutrition professionals in supporting patients and their families in achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness through diet. Students will learn key food preparation and food science principles for applying their knowledge.

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NS689: Nutrition & Chronic Diseases

This course will focus on selected topics in nutritional sciences related to health and chronic diseases, e.g., autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Students will explore the pathophysiology of chronic diseases influenced by nutrition and discuss mechanisms underlying nutritional approaches for prevention and intervention.

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Table displaying fruits and vegetables with prescription pad

NS801: Precision Nutrition & Advanced Culinary Medicine

The purpose of this course is to provide students with evidence-based, practical knowledge to better understand nutrition and how it relates to the health of patients through educational modules combined with instructional cooking videos. This course bridges biomedical and clinical scenarios with tested culinary strategies.

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BS Degree in Dietetics or Human Nutrition

Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

The Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition offers outstanding higher education opportunities for students passionate about food, health, and wellness. Our undergraduate program in Human Nutrition provides a strong foundation to prepare students for dental, medical, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, or physician assistant studies. We also have a long history of preparing successful Registered Dietitians for a rewarding career through our accredited didactic, coordinated, and internship programs. Our graduate program in Nutrition and Food Systems is focused on practical and critical thinking to solve nutrition-related problems in an evolving global society.

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For undergraduates interested in further specializations, we offer a Certificate in Food Systems and Hunger Studies and a Certificate in Nutrition for Human Performance. We take pride in our work to fulfill the land-grant mission of teaching, research, and service.

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